LGBTQ+ Dance Classes

Arthur Murray Northville is a safe space for our LGBTQ+ friends to learn to dance


LGBTQ+ Friendly Dance Lessons

Dancing is for everyone! Here at Arthur Murray Northville, we take pride in welcoming and encouraging same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ singles who are looking to take ballroom dance classes.

The benefits of learning to dance are more than just motion – it’s emotion. Dance not only strengthens you physically, but mentally as well.

Whether it’s for an upcoming wedding – your own, perhaps? – or just wanting to become a better social dancer, Arthur Murray Northville is your ally on and off the dance floor.


Arthur Murray Northville Same Sex Dance Lessons

Arthur Murray Northville offers gay/queer-friendly dance classes. Whatever your background, learn to dance in our friendly and fun dance classes. Bring a friend or come by yourself to get fit, meet new people and learn to dance!

Whether you’re learning to dance for a special event or just a hobby, our new student offer is just what you need.